Promote, Protect and Represent is the motto of the United States Ultralight Association. The Association's member's common goal is to preserve the freedom to fly for fun and actively enjoy our leisure-time hobby. And what fun we have! We can easily identify why we are USUA members. The joy of that first solo flight under the guidance of a qualified instructor, the fun of participating in USUA Club fly-ins or accepting a tribute for our accomplishments at the annual Ultralight Aviation Awards ceremonies are examples.

The heart of USUA lies in its members. These men and women recognize the value of an independent not-for-profit corporation with clearly stated goals to promote, protect and represent ultralighting and air sports. USUA receives no advertising money and is in debt to no one. No other organization controls or directs its activities.

USUA's strength comes from its understanding of those who enjoy outdoor recreational sports, particularly those who participate in air sports. This is translated through USUA programs, services, activity and accomplishments that highlight USUA's ultralight and air sport leadership role both nationally and internationally.

USUA members own and fly all types of ultralights including trikes, powered parachutes and paragliders, gyroplanes, hang gliders, airplanes, balloons and sailplanes. They come from all walks of life and share a common dream - to fly for fun! If that's your goal then you are likely a USUA member.

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Member Benefits

USUA is the world's largest ultralight association. The USUA members seek to "Promote, Protect and Preserve" ultralight and microlight aviation in the United States. With their financial support, USUA Staff is able to serve the interests of the members and the ultralight and microlight community, in general.

USUA membership provides you:

A Strong Voice in Washington, DC

No matter what ratings you hold, no matter what type of ultralight you fly, as a pilot or owner you will face public policy issues and government regulations more often than the average citizen. And, often, your ability to fly can be affected!

USUA is working full-time to make sure pilots and owners have their say. As a member, you have the nation's most active ultralight aviation advocates representing your interests year round in Washington, D.C. and before a broad range of government agencies, including FAA. USUA stands up for ultralight aviation on airspace restrictions, proposed certification of pilots and vehicles, unnecessary airworthiness requirements - every vital interest facing ultralighters today.

USUA members have said over and over, loudly and clearly, that the current privileges under FAR Part 103 should be indefinitely maintained by FAA. On it's members behalf, USUA has taken this message to FAA and stood behind it during the ongoing FAA ultralight rulemaking project to protect the freedoms enjoyed by American ultralighters.

USUA's elected regional representatives keep states covered and monitor local communities, too. Whether it is a possible ban of ultralights at a local airport, the imposition of discriminatory or illegal fees or negative media reports, USUA protects and defends ultralighter's interests. Regional Representatives are hard working volunteers who devote their personal time and resources to help foster understanding and cooperation within their region. Contact information for your USUA Regional Representative can be found on page (List to be posted)

Legislative Action Organization

If your right to fly for fun is threatened, USUA will swing into action to protect your freedom. You can make a difference by joining the nation's strongest ultralight membership association.

Focused and Experienced Leadership

USUA's full-time office (see who we are for information on the staff) has since 1982 been focused solely on fulfilling the needs of the membership and enhancing our community of ultralight vehicle and aircraft pilots and owners.

Access to the USUA website -

In this fast-paced electronic age, getting information in a timely manner is important. USUA is committed to quickly providing accurate news and information to its members and the public through continuous development of its web site

When people access the web site they will find the latest news, program and service updates, and forms. Many standard forms, such as vehicle and pilot applications, checklists, and a sample vehicle sales agreement are available for direct download.

Member Assistance Hotline

The Hotline number is (717) 339-0200. USUA staff is available to help you receive the information and services that you need. When the phone lines are busy or when the office is closed, feel free to email your questions to

Monthly Magazines

Powered Sport Flying magazine: USUA's preferred member publication. News from USUA headquarters concerning current developments in the ultralight industry, regulatory updates, and member programs are featured monthly. Additionally, Powered Sport Flying Magazine feature pilot oriented perspectives and how-to's regarding fixed wing, powered parachute, trike and powered paraliders. Ultralights and Light Sport Aircraft are featured each month, in a format greatly appealing to Ultralight and Sport Pilots alike. Included with membership.

National Network of places to fly, receive training, meet fellow enthusiasts and have fun!

See ultralights fly, take a flight yourself, or just talk to those who fly them. USUA oversees a network of more than 500 clubs and instructors, and can put you in touch with the ones nearest you.

Whether you have started flying or not, joining a USUA Club is a great way to enhance your ultralight experience. Club members can be your mentors. They have a wealth of first hand information. Educational seminars, weekend flights, cross-country trips, picnics, and hangar flying are just a few of the benefits when you join the members of your local USUA club.

Ready to Fly? There is no better way to safely explore the exciting and wonderful sport of ultralighting than with the guidance of a USUA registered ultralight flight instructor (BFI). He or she will provide you the necessary tools so that you can fly for fun on your own.

Internationally recognized achievement awards

USUA offers members a number of ways to demonstrate their flight proficiency through a fun and challenging series of achievement programs. Earning a bronze, silver or gold FAI Colibri Badge entails a combination of flight experience, precision landings and cross-country flights. Pilots participating in U.S. National Championships Series meets across the country during the year can earn national ranking points. Those who wish to challenge performance limits can attempt a national or world record or vie for the Worthington Cup: the furthest flight of the year over 200 miles in an ultralight vehicle.